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Monday, December 14, 2009 '
Fuck my life
Fuck it why i got this kind of mum?
Sibei sibei dulan her..
Talk to her nicely and she kpkb with me..
I really cannot tahan her anymore... wish she can fuck off of my life..

Friday, November 20, 2009 '
At my friend house blogging...
My com still not fix.zzz
Time flies and i will not be working after this month. =(
sick and tired of everything..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 '
Hey blog! I am back to talk with you..
i just finished chatting with her on msn..i treasure every sec chatting with her.. i cant bare to off the conversation.. because after tonight i will not online for a long time.And maybe i have to wait until next month.. Because my com spoil and i am passing my laptop to my niece tmr.
She having her exam leave, so cannot see her at work and after she is back to work i am already finish my notice period for work. Unless some kind soul out there willing to lend me a spare computer. damn sorrow now! Why so suay! if want to lend me ur spare com! pls tell me! 92999226 this my num =) I will be greatful....

Today after school went ntuc to buy stuff, saw a new roller... maybe i really have to leave this job..i dont think they will need more roller..
But i will treasure every sec working in ntuc from tmr onward..
Just now went out with jamesy, wanted to watch 2012 but all the time is too late so never catch it.went to eat and play pool then went home.
this the last moment with my laptop.. damn sad can!
com spoil psp spoil, laptop selling to my niece.. how to survive?

Monday, November 16, 2009 '
Today woke up late for school..i have to change this bad habit!
Went back home early to shit. =X because my stomach was really pain and school toilet was so dirty, which i dun like so no choice i pon afternoon lesson.. =X
This few days i have been thinking alot of things.. thinking that whether i am just crush on her or true feeling for her,but i just figured it out..
I never felt this kind of feeling before..maybe i had grown up, no more treating relationship as a game..Yes i admit last time i like a lot of girls before.. who doesnt? But that was all the past..
Among all my relationship i can tell you truthfully none of my ex-gf because love me then be with me..But i also can tell you some of them i also not true feeling for them, maybe is i am just urge for relationship..
And now i got to know her,although i just know her for about 2 months plus but she makes me feel different.. maybe this time round i really fall in love..if really have a chance i wish i can know her to that person if u read this.. LWY XIAO JIE can we begin as a normal friend and let me know more about you? =)
I am relieved now, because i figured out my feeling and dont need to stress over it.. blog always the best to talk with.. =)

Sunday, November 15, 2009 '
Today woke up for work and my whole body aching.
While working is like torturing me, pain over everywhere..and i tried to endure.
Now finally reach home, but the pain still there. =(
Today is xin yi last day of work.. =( now less one more friend in ntuc.. damn sad.. but maybe getting out of ntuc is a better life for her. ntuc was like HELL? altot all the chief cashier treat me quite good... but the bell was killing me... today the new roller want to kill me.. i was aching the whole body and i am the one doing the tiring job. I am the one push basket and ans bell.. and he is the one collecting return. =.= i almost dying..
I want work morning I want work morning! so i got time to play and study at night!
And why everybody think that i want work at in the morning is to see her.. altot i got abit intention of that, but not totally all.. who dont want see the person u like? everyone does.. but also want to take sometime to play hard and study hard right? =.=
But nvm cause also not sure can take back my resign form anot. if cannot then maybe i really need to leave ntuc.. bo pi bo pi.. lao tian ye.. please help me =(

Saturday, November 14, 2009 '
back from work
I am back from work.
Sad to say i didnt watch 2012, due to some reason.=( but its ok will watch it other time.
Today ntuc not alot people so not really very tired. lol
Sian actually i was suppose to resign this job.
Someone can change the shift with me, so i will continue working, but my chief cashier had send my resign letter to the HQ or something. =( dun know whether can take it back. why so suay!
Finally can work morning shift, but in the end they sent my resign over! =.=nvm lets pray hard.
That patricia always said something will hit my deadly spot. Why everything she said so accurate. zzz always let me think alot, making me cannot forcus working.
Today will blog until here,tmr got work going to turn in.
Kbye peeps. nights =)

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